Eye Education

NAB delivers talks in schools for children aged 9 and over. Providing insightful, educational and inspirational talks to the county’s teachers and children, our sessions cover many areas, including:

  • Promoting positive attitudes towards children and adults with a visual impairments
  • Addressing misconceptions about being visually impaired
  • Introducing a basic understanding of eye anatomy and causes of blindness
  • Improving understanding of how to maintain good eye health
  • Interactive games and demonstrating everyday gadgets and toys
  • Q&A session at the end of our session

We also provide information on the support services for visually impaired children, their families and carers including social events, taster days for clubs and guidance for issues faced.

Workplace Training

Our team delivers comprehensive staff training about living with visual impairment in the following ways:

  • Recognising and understanding how to support and assist visually impaired staff and clients
  • Assessing work premises and making recommendations for accessibility improvements
  • Simple solutions to aid everyday access to the workplace, including specialist aids and gadgets
  • Advice on how to guide/help a visually impaired person

We can also tailor training content to meet the particular needs of a workplace.

Wider Community Talks

Our team offers awareness raising, informative and insightful presentations about living with sight loss within the wider community, including information on further support and advice available. All our talks have a Q&A opportunity at the end and can be arranged for all types of community settings, including:

  • Within healthcare centres and community centres
  • Care homes, sheltered housing and day centres
  • Rotary clubs, senior lunch clubs, coffee mornings
  • Children’s clubs, such as Brownies or Scouts clubs
  • Community talks in partnership with local council groups

Supporting Anyone through education & training

Where possible, our Mobile Sight Centre, which is stocked with a variety of equipment and lots of additional information and guides, will also be on location.

To find out more about training & education contact us today on 01604 719193 or email us at helpline@nab.org.uk.

Every donation, big or small, helps us make a difference.

As an independent, local charity, we rely on the goodwill of those around us to help visually impaired people live life to the full. However you choose to support us, your money stays local - helping someone in your street, community or village.

Our vital work is only possible thanks to you, our supporters.

Can you help us make a difference?

We offer support to the local community

NAB’s Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs) provide dedicated, individualised care to sight loss patients, their families and carers.

At Northamptonshire Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, we understand that living with, or coming to terms with sight loss, can be very overwhelming.

We work to help children gain confidence, realise aspirations and build a sense of personal independence.

Raising awareness about living with visual impairment in schools, the workplace and within the wider community.

Our Mobile Sight Centre (MSC) travels the breadth of the county, providing an easy way to access our services.

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Individuals, local businesses and our wonderful team of volunteers make all the difference when it comes to realising our vision of bettering the lives of people living with visual impairment. Thank you, to you all.