How can you help us?


Our vital work is only possible thanks to you, our supporters.

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How can you help?

As a local, independent, charity who only helps people living in Northamptonshire, however you choose to support us, your money stays LOCAL helping someone in your street, community or village. A donation of:


will provide a talking newspaper for someone who is partially sighted or blind, reducing isolation and improving well-being.


will help keep our Mobile Sight Centre on the road, taking our advice and guidance out to the community where they need it most.


will enable one of our Community Team to make a home visit, improving the life of someone living with sight loss and increasing their independence.

We turn £1 into £4: for every £1 we spend on our home-visiting service, we generate £4 of positive ‘Social Impact’ according to an independent study by the University of Northampton.

To donate £3, text SIGHT to 70331