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Together, we can make all the difference

As an independent charity, we rely on the goodwill of local businesses, individuals and our wonderful team of volunteers to help us realise our vision of supporting people with visual impairments live life to the full.

We do this by raising awareness for the blind and visually impaired and, via our passionate and experienced community support team, who are on hand with home visits, emotional support and guidance at a hugely challenging time.

Life With Sight Loss

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Living with sight loss

Coming to terms with sight loss can be very challenging, but there are many ways to adjust, make life more manageable and live life to the full.

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Local support, from NAB

NAB provides support, information and services to those living with, and adjusting to, sight loss including in-home visits from our community team.

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Viewpoint & Talking News

Access to our in-house magazine, packed with NAB news, as well as Talking News, our spoken version of local news, kindly put together by our wonderful volunteers.

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Events & Meet-ups

Get all the latest on our upcoming NAB events and fundraising activities, and discover the different meetups that run across the county.

We offer support to the local community

NAB’s Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs) provide dedicated, individualised care to sight loss patients, their families and carers.

At Northamptonshire Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, we understand that living with, or coming to terms with sight loss, can be very overwhelming.

We work to help children gain confidence, realise aspirations and build a sense of personal independence.

Raising awareness about living with visual impairment in schools, the workplace and within the wider community.

Our Mobile Sight Centre (MSC) travels the breadth of the county, providing an easy way to access our services.

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Latest NAB news

Latest ViewPoint

Viewpoint is NAB's in-house magazine, filled with news, updates and features about our work. It is published two to three times per year.

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Can you help us make a difference?

Together, we can make a difference

Individuals, local businesses and our wonderful team of volunteers make all the difference when it comes to realising our vision of bettering the lives of people living with visual impairment. Thank you, to you all.