With both Father’s Day and Nystagmus Awareness Week this week, we asked Paul Blakemore – who’s dad to Charlie who has Nystagmus – what his top tips are when bringing up a visually-impaired child.

Tip 1: Think ahead regarding safety.

Tip 2: In unfamiliar surroundings be as descriptive as you can when communicating.

Tip 3: Try not to hold them back, let them try as many things as possible and remember praise and encourage even if you can see they are struggling.

Tip 4: Talk to them about their disability (in moderation) and let them know it makes them super special. This will help in the long term.

Tip 5: Make everything as fun as you can, be as patient as you can be.

Tip 6: Having a child with a disability can be upsetting for a parent, try not to show this emotion in front of them.

Tip 7: Use the support networks available to both you and your child.

If you a loved one or a friend needs help adjusting to life with sight loss, please call our confidential helpline and find out how we can help: 01604 719193.

We also run a Children and Families Service to help young people and their families adjust to living with sight loss. We arrange activities and trips and offering home-visits too.