If you’ve ever thought that travelling and exploring the world isn’t possible because you’re visually impaired, think again! There are several travel companies and charities that go the extra mile to ensure that the holiday is fully accessible, from the point of booking to arriving at the airport. Here are some tips to make sure you have the best time possible.

1. Traveleyes: provides the opportunity to explore the world with all your senses. The company offers a wide variety of destinations with something to suit all tastes, from UK breaks to more exotic locations such as Australia or Peru. The Traveleyes experience involves going with a group of both visually impaired and sighted people, where the sighted people act as sighted guides.

You are guided one-to one, and are paired with a different sighted guide every day in order to get to know different members of the group. The website is completely accessible, so the visually impaired traveller has the same freedom and ease of booking a holiday as sighted people do. If someone doesn’t have access to the internet, it is also possible to book by phone. The length of the holidays ranges from 3 to 4 days, to 14 to 16 days, depending on the location. The role of the sighted guides is to provide descriptions of the sights around them to enable a visually impaired person to build a strong mental image of their surroundings.

During a Traveleyes holiday, you might participate in a vast array of activities, including mountain climbing, tandem cycling, walking tours of the city you visit and taking in some of the local attractions such as museums and markets. If a visually impaired person has never travelled alone before and wishes to, Traveleyes makes it possible with their safe, friendly group environment. It is an opportunity to meet other visually impaired people and also make plenty of new friends. So seize the day and go for it!


2. The charity Victa (Visually Impaired Children Take Action) supports children and young people up to the age of 29. They offer a variety of cultural experiences for adults aged 18 to 29, which give you the chance to try semi-independent travel. Their destinations include Italy, Cyprus and Slovenia.

The length of the trip lasts from 4 days up to 8 days. The booking process involves filling in an application form on the Victa website. The cost varies according to each trip, but it’s normally under £500. Similarly, the visually impaired person travels with a group of like-minded people, who are accompanied by a mixture of Victa staff and volunteers. Whilst on the holiday, the visually impaired person will get the opportunity to learn new skills and increase their confidence and independence through fun activities such as sailing, white-water rafting, hiking and canoeing.
It is a great chance to meet other young visually impaired people, and the travellers are encouraged to share their experiences and support each other. So for all the adventurers out there, get booking now!


3. Seable is a holiday company especially tailored for people with all disabilities, including visual impairment. Its aim is to provide a holiday itinerary to suit your individual needs. You have the ease of booking online or by phone, and you can choose the dates you wish to travel by choosing from Seable’s variety of destinations, which include Italy and France. https://seable.co.uk/

When you book, you give Seable suggestions for the types of activities you would like to do during the holiday, and they will take care of the rest. They will also provide a chauffeur who collects the visually impaired person from the airport, and also acts as their guide throughout the holiday. The chauffeur will also be happy to offer assistance in the hotel and at mealtimes upon request. Seable have a number of trained chauffeurs who are available who also know the area, so that the traveller is provided with plenty of local knowledge about where they are visiting.

Once the holiday is booked Seable will also contact the venues and attractions the visually impaired person would like to visit, and inform the staff of their access needs in advance. These holidays are suitable for people who are already confident travellers and would like a little more independence and privacy during their trip, whilst also having the support of a chauffeur to make sure it all runs smoothly. Get thinking about your next adventure and book now!