A picture of Hugh7 things you didn’t know about dating a blind man

As #LoveIsland mania sweeps the nation, our very own Hugh Spence – who lost his sight completely aged 16 – busts some myths about dating someone with a visual impairment:


  1. Conversation is important – because I can’t read body language it’s very difficult to tell how someone is reacting. Free flowing conversation helps enormously and really breaks the ice.


  1. Smell is important – my sense of smell is even stronger since I lost my sight. This can be a good and bad thing; on a hot summers day, in a crowded room, it can be a challenge! On the other hand a beautiful scent gets the senses going.


  1. I am looking for a partner not a carer – this is really important; often people wrongly make assumptions about what I am and aren’t capable of – and therefore what I’m after from a relationship. Finding love is more important than finding the toilet!


  1. Planning dates ahead – this is crucial as I need to arrange transport etc…If a date is suggested at too short notice it can make it difficult and if I need to turn it down, it gives the wrong impression.


  1. Don’t rule anything out – cinema, bowling and other stereotypically ‘sighted’ activities are all on the agenda. Don’t assume partially sighted and blind people can’t do them but ask beforehand – I’m always more than happy to be made to look a fool!!!


  1. Ask questions – don’t be frightened to ask questions as we are humans too.


  1. Remember we are blind not stupid!